Doug Flowers; alias: dflow

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Bass Guitar, Vocals

Doug, one of the founding members of the URGE, had been on hiatus from the band scene for a few years. Joining up with Pete, Dave & Earl, was a welcome change of pace. After a few practice sessions, and band discussions, we contacted Tom, and brought him back on board to round out the sound.

The URGE, originally formed in the eighties has been through many player lineups, and of course, musical style changes. Playing rock, blues, funk, and a little bit of everything in between, but always coming back to it's classic rock roots.  

This URGE will not be any different, we have selected a variety of music that should keep your feet moving and your mind guessing, "what the hell will they do next?"

" Enjoy life, this is not a rehearsal!"

Doug's Gear:

1974 Fender Precision
Ampeg B2

what else do you need???


The Urge (Doug, Pete, Dave, Frank, Dan) (2009 - Present )

The Urge (Doug, Pete, Dave, Frank) (2005 - 2009)

The Urge (Doug, Pete, Dave, George, Steve) (2004 - 2005)

The Urge (Doug, Pete, Dave, Larry, Steve) (2003 - 2004)

The Urge (Doug, Pete, Tom, Dave, Larry) (2002 -2003)

The Urge (Doug, Pete, Tom, Dave, Earl) (2001 - 2002)

BluesCasters (Doug, Lenny, Greg, Tony, Dean) (1995 -1997)

The Urge (Doug, Tom, Gary, Rich) (1994-1995)

The Urge (Doug, Pete, Bill, Tom, Gary) (1994)

The Urge (Doug, Pete, Bill, Tom) (1993-1994)

The Urge (Doug, Pete, Bill, Jon) (1990-1992)

Mixed Emotions (Doug, Pete, Joe, Bill ) (1989-1990)

Mixed Emotions (Doug, Pete, Joe, Eric ) (1988-1989)

Plus One (Doug, Jon, Derek, Mike, Neal) (1988)

The Urge (Doug, Pete, Will, Ciro, Jon) (1986-1988)

The Urge (Doug, Pete, Will, Ciro, Phil) (1984-1986)

Reflex (1983) (Doug, Pete, Mike, Ron, Ron)

Stuff - N- Company (1980-1982) (Doug, Will, Billy, George, Tony)

Everybody's Everything (1977 - 1980) (Doug, Chuck, Will)

and a few others.....

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