Pete Quintal

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Keyboards, Harmonica, Vocals

Pete has been playing in R&R bands since the late 60's. Locally it has been Mixed Emotions and the URGE. He also played in various bands in Texas between 1974 and 1978, Hooking up with Dave Coronado (tenor Player who worked with Zappa for a while. 

Pete is also playing with Steve Smith and the Nakeds (eight years now),playing many shows with Clarence Clemons, and also sharing the stage with the likes of Nils Lofgren, John Cafferty, Mike (tunes) Antunes, and Gary US Bonds!!

He's also had the pleasure to work with many other artists during the last eight years, to name a few more [not to be a name dropper :)] Roomful of Blues, the Blues Brothers, the New Rascals, the Commitments, Peter Wolf, Better than Ezra, Real Big Fish, Steve Cropper, Kool and the Gang, ........"But I must say I am a die hard rock-n-roller at heart" 

"if it doesn't rock, it doesn't live!!!!!!and If it doesn't move make it!!!"

Pete's Gear:

 Hammond XK-2 organ
Roland XP-30
Roland AX-7 Midi Controller

Hammond Leslie 21 System
Hammond Leslie 122 System
Back-up Amps:
Peavey KB-100
Motion Sound pro 3T Leslie


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