Hurry, take the picture! Watercolor Edit

This is my good side..

(so, I like to mess with the pics a bit)

H E L P ! ! ! damn, bit my tongue again!

Dave belts out a familiar tune

Steve and Doug blend one in...

they never take MY picture! uh oh better  SMILE

Hey, isn't that the drummer?

It's not easy to catch this guy

ok, back in the zone now.... Larry's the one hiding behind Dave!

Wow, 3 pic's in one night, good job Sandy

Pete, Dave, Larry& Doug 

Pete's gotta wear shades! (Dave) hmmm....I can do better than that!

The futures so bright....

Will performs his tap dance....

If I close my eyes, I play better, really! It's called artistic freedom....

Play a little Harp Pete!

Yep, me again

still sounds smooth as ever! Boy, these guys make it easy!

Steve serenades his familia

Will fine tunes the sound 

Hope this solo last's all the way to the bar..... just goes to show you, don't believe everything ya see!

Steve, the traveling troubador

yeah, still tossin them in

wow, I get dizzy when I do ! come on, looks like a real painting, right?
Steve, don't hurt yourself!

(so sue me for deformation of pictures)

Some of our fans 
(if you find your picture here, and would like it removed,
 please Email Doug)

maybe if I do my cool guy dance..... You are getting sleepy....
and they dance too! Watch out behind you......

ok, this horse walks into a bar and says....

Always good for a Smile or 2!

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