Thanksgiving 2003 at the Steel Horse Saloon

        THE BAND........................
                        THE FANS

        Beaming with pride tonight!  wah, someone stepped on my pedals!!  Let the bodies hit the floor...

if I stand right here, he'll never get a picture of Larry...   hmmm, must be a low spot over there?  and they just keep going....

yup, there is a drummer!  and here he is!!! Go Larry!

Howz' everybody doin out there?  Peter Keys  is that Chrissie Hynde?

guest appearance by Sandy.....great job! dave21.jpg (198049 bytes)

Pete, Steve, Doug  Pete, Steve, Doug  Pete, Steve, Doug

Steve, Doug, Dave   Steve, Doug  Pete, Steve

Will, from QSR Sound.....loves the drums!


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(photographs courtesy of John Rivers)